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Gary Schoolcraft
Peacham, Vermont

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Schoolcraft, Gary

Gary Schoolcraft


Books by Author:

When Kids Were Allowed to be Kids


Note from the Author:

Gary Schoolcraft, Vermont Author“Life, for me, began on a fall day in the first half of the 1950′s. I was the oldest of three boys and grew up on my family’s poultry farm in the small town of Peacham, Vermont. As far as I know Peacham was as good of a town as any to grow up in.

Many of the kids I grew up with lived on a farm, mostly dairy farms, but the one thing we all shared in common was the lack of money. None of us had any. But that didn’t seem to bother any of us or slow us down at all. Sure we were poor by today’s standards but none of us knew that…………….As I sit here searching for the next word to write I began to realize how much our world has changed in the few years I have been alive. I grew up in a time much different than the one we have now. The more I look back at the past the more I realize how much it has changed. The trouble is the change happened so slow that you didn’t realize it was happening until it had already happened. And if you did notice the change there was always someone there to point out that it was only progress.”

Join Gary in a look back at simpler times in his book about growing up in rural Vermont in the ’50’s and ’60’s, “When Kids Were Allowed to be Kids”.