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When Kids Were Allowed to be Kids

When Kids Were Allowed to be Kids by gary SchoolcraftWhen Kids Were Allowed to be Kids

by Gary Schoolcraft

All of the following stories are true and from actual events that happened in my life, while growing up in the small Vermont town of Peacham. I realize that time has a way of changing minor details but it does not change the overall picture. I have written all of these stories as I remember them happening or in some instances as they were told to me. There will be no order in which the stories will appear; I will write them as they return to my memory. So in any given story you may read about something that happened when I was very young and the next story may be about a time when I was a teenager. Also, in some of the stories, names have been changed to protect the guilty…………I hope you enjoy reading about life in the 50′s & 60′s as much as I enjoyed living them…………..Gary

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Selected excerpts from “When Kids Were Allowed to be Kids”:

Every time we tried to take a bite from our sandwiches, the horse would raise its tail and hit us with another blast of really stale air.

Greg dropped like he had been shot dead except he was flopping around on the garage floor and all of these strange noises were coming out of him.

Our plan was for Greg to keep the pigs busy eating veggies while I quietly climbed up on the pen and dropped silently, like a bobcat from a tree, onto one of the pigs. And that is exactly what this pig must have thought because he reared up on his hind legs spun around on his rear legs and took off like a shot for the other end of the pen.

One very hot day, while walking home from school, I found this huge flat frog that had been run over countless times by cars. This frog was as flat as a piece of paper and had been baked dry in the sun. I peeled the frog off the road and in my hand was the most perfect flat dried frog I had ever seen. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with him but I knew I had to have him.

Mom took her eyes off Greg for just a second and he got away again. This time she found him in the women’s apparel department feeling up one of the mannequins that was displaying bras.

For the next minute or so I sat jigging up and down, with my legs sticking straight out on the wide back of the horse, saying giddy up but the horse didn’t budge an inch. Finally Bill or Alan, I don’t remember which one said, “You’ll have to dig your heals into her side.” I lifted both legs as high as I could and drove them into the side of the horse. By the time my hat hit the ground we were already at the far end of the field.

As Dave and I rounded the corner of the porch, still side by side something blew by us at an incredible speed. Somehow Dave and I picked it up a notch but we weren’t even able to close the distance on what was running in front of us, which turned out to be Greg.

For a few brief moments all I could hear was a real loud screaming, that and the noise dad was making.

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