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Up the Creek Without a Saddle

Up the Creek Without a Saddle by Jerry JohnsonUp the Creek Without a Saddle

by Jerry Johnson

In Up the Creek Without a Saddle, Jerry has created a universal memoir of life experiences. Animals, the natural world around us, people, first loves, loss, joy, and so much more breathes in his poetry full of treasured images. The words portray life on many levels, the images stay with you, and there is a feeling of kinship with what is described. It is a joy to read this book, and to give it as a gift to others that will be treasured forever.

A dream of Jerry’s was fulfilled when Vermont’s legendary master musicians, Jon Gailmor and Pete Sutherland, took 16 of his book’s 99 poems and set them to music. A beautiful CD of their songs comes with the book for FREE. It is Jerry’s gift back to Vermont, those who love the Green Mountain State, and people anywhere who love the natural world.

Up the Creek Without a Saddle and its CD have been applauded by several celebrated authors, including Howard Mosher, Sydney Lea (Vermont Poet Laureate), Peggy Sapphire and John Fusco.

Price:  $16.95